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  • SH150. Last One!


SH150. Last One!

$5,790.00 $5,990.00


Carrying a 153cc four-stroke, liquid cooled engine, the SH150 contains fuel saving technology such as Idle Stop improving efficiency and engine performance.

Uniquely the radiator is integrated into the engine instead of being mounted on the front.

Getting going is made all the easier with a Smart Key allowing the rider to start the ignition without the key as well as access the fuel cap and seat storage.

Honda promises assured handling and stability with a lighter body, 16” aluminium wheels and a combined braking system.

The SH150 is lightweight, slim and a joy to ride, the SH150 never fails to attract admiring attention with its sleek, curvaceous form



With smooth contours, subtle lines and angles the SH150s bodywork flows back to its tapered tail.

The overall effect - perfect lines to protect you from the elements, so you can arrive at your destination looking the way you want. The SH150 delivers a unified sense of urban elegance and the highest levels of comfort



The SH150 offers a superb smooth all-purpose ride, which has won instant praise for its superior handling and effortless control.

To make daily life on board the SH150 that little bit more convenient it’s now fitted with the Honda Smart Key system. The Smart Key itself resides in the rider’s pocket and does away with the need to constantly insert and withdraw a key for ignition, fuel cap and seat.

The front/rear lights are now LED and as all scooter riders know it’s the details that make all the difference - adding a larger glove box which houses a useful 12V charging socket – and of course the all-important utility hook secures bags safely.

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