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Motorcycle & Scooter Roadworthy Certificates

Need RWC for your motorcycle/scooter in Fitzroy North and nearby areas? Call the experts from Scooterama right away. As a trusted & certified motorcycle tester, we have a team of certified mechanics to inspect the condition of your motorcycles and ensure that it is safe to drive on the road. If you’re going to ride motorcycle on the Fitzroy North roads, make sure you have a RWC for your motorcycle in hand.

A roadworthy certificate for a motorcycle is essential to certify that your vehicle is safe and devoid of any potential threats. Also, know that riding a motorbike without the safety measures or equipment is asking for trouble & there is risk involved. So it’s better to have the motorbike checked and repaired by a certified vehicle tester like us. To prevent you and others on the road from unfortunate situations, get your vehicle tested and brought up to compliance.

RWC Fitzroy North

Our certified technician will perform the necessary tests to inspect the condition of your vehicle. We follow an RWC inspection checklist to ensure that your motorcycle is functioning as per the manufacturer specifications. Our mechanical examination includes,

  • Turning ON/OFF the motorcycle engine
  • Complete safety check
  • A check on turn indicators, brake lights & headlights
  • Check the tyres for inflation, low pressure, cuts or rips
  • Check the seat, hand grips and mirror
  • Wheel bearings/chain sprockets
  • Checking the exhaust system
  • Engine fluid check
  • A test drive by the technician

    Once the inspection is over, our mechanics will tell you the necessary repairs required to qualify for the test. To stay safe and compliant on Fitzroy North roads, make Scooterama your vehicle tester for RWC and schedule a roadworthy inspection with us. For inquiries, call us on (03) 9482 2212 today.

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